It is the reality that you are away, but, in fact, you are very close to your near and dear ones. Very quickly you achieved most of what you wanted and went closer to HIM without saying goodbye to anyone.

Even though there is no answer to "Why so soon," your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Relatives and Friends will search for an answer. No matter how many years pass, memories of that day will remain fresh in our minds.

All your good friends still remember, with grief, the directions and advice which you gave while all of us were enjoying life together. There is no doubt that all your dear ones will continue their prayers forever to wipe away all your shortcomings, if any.

As you are enjoying the eternal life with God, dear son, intercede for all of us, your loved ones, for our daily needs and blessings. Guide us to reach towards you and embrace God, our Lord.

12/12/1981 05/15/2006